Church Model

The church decided to implement a home-cell based management strategy, and in realization of the Pastor's vision:

  • The home-cells became a home to souls needing the touch of God whether in spiritual needs and/or physical needs (Acts 2:42 -47).
  • The home-cells within their areas became an extension of the church.
  • Appointment of Mature, Effective and Spirit filled leadership to manage growth.
  • The home-cell leadership took ownership and responsibility for all activities affecting church members within their areas, whilst being accountable to the Senior Pastor accordingly.
  • Every member became an Evangelist.

Home-cells were established within walking distances of member's homes to promote interaction and fellowship of church members and at the same time addressing security concerns.

The Area Deacons is responsible to the Pastor and Executive Committee and is assisted by an Area Leader who is responsible to him/her. The home-cell membership should not exceed 30 people. Should this number be exceeded a new home-cell cluster must be started, but still responsible to the same Area Deacon. This number is to ensure manageability, promote interaction of church members and church growth.